Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fishin' with the boys!

The boys & I went fishing at Enterprise Reservoir with Jack Scott, one of my business associates. We absolutely killed 'em!! In about 2 hrs. we kept 14 fish and probably hooked another 15 or so, but they "got away." The kids had a blast, as the pictures show. Absolutely beautiful up there, on an incredible Saturday afternoon. Drew is our die-hard fisherman. Bryant was annoyed at the life jacket, and Tyler was at peace with himself, eating Zingers the whole time and taking in the scenery. Don't thing there's a better way to spend a Saturday!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ward Campout

A few weeks ago we went on our ward campout to Kolob Reservoir. The kids had a blast because they got to ride on some motorcycles and 4-wheelers!! Amy & I were surprised at how quickly they picked it up. As usual, Drew became our crazy one as soon as he became comfortable with it. They had a blast! Why buy all the toys when all you have to do is make friends with those that have them!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mangelson Boys start Baseball

Spring is officially here and summer is right around the corner. The Mangelson boys have begun baseball and they're looking good. Bryant is the #1 slugger on his team and has an incredible form. Dad taught him well even though dad never played an inning in his life (except for church softball.) Drew is on a Hurricane city team and his team name is the Dodgers. Bryant is on the Braves and dad is helping with the coaching this year. They are very talented at the plate, but their field work could use some improvements. Bryant, in yesterday's game went 2 for 2. He swings level and hard. Watching him run from 1st to 2nd plate is like watching molasses in January. We'll work on that though. What a great time of year!